Nobody Likes an Empty Bird Feeder. Especially Your Birds!

Now, you can order your birds' favorite foods, bird feeders and more anytime and from anywhere with our online ordering option called MyWBU. When you order online, you'll get the same prices you'd get if shopping in our store and your order will be handled by the same local WBU staff you already know and (we hope) love.

Whether you can't make into the store and need something delivered, or you just want the convenience of having your order ready for in-store pickup, we've got you covered. Just click the orange "Shop Now" button above. 

Create your MyWBU account now and be ready to order tomorrow. If you've shopped in our store before and receive our emails, be sure to use the same email address so your online account will sync up with your in-store account. This insures that you get your Daily Savings Club pricing and accrue points towards your next Bird Bucks Coupon (if a member). Our online system syncs with our in-store system each night, so it will take one day after registration for our online system to recognize club members, apply club bird food discounts, and provide points for online purchases. Creating your MyWBU account the day before your first order ensures that all club member benefits are applied correctly.

Daily Savings Club points will accrue for online purchases and even count towards earning Bird Buck Coupons. When creating your online account, use the same email account that you use at the store. 


Order ahead for free in-store pickup or get free shipping on orders over $75 that ship within 150 miles of the store. Orders of less than $75 or that ship to further destinations will incur a shipping charge shown at the time of checkout. Daily Savings Club points will accrue for online purchases when you register at MyWBU Store with the same email address associated with your DSC membership.