Cleaning's a Snap

Keep Your Bird Habitat Clean & Healthy

If you enjoy feeding and watching your backyard birds, then you probably want to do as much as you can to practice your hobby safely and ensure the birds’ overall health and well-being. Just as people can catch colds or other illnesses from people who are sick, birds that feed at crowded or dirty feeders have the potential to spread diseases that can be harmful to them.
Practice responsible bird feeding by adhering to the following:
o Provide multiple feeding stations in different areas of your yard to disperse bird activity.
o Provide seed from a bird feeder rather than scattering it on the ground.
o Keep areas clean under and around your feeders.
o Keep fresh seed in the feeder and be sure it doesn’t get moldy.
o Clean your bird feeders regularly with a solution of one part bleach and 10 parts water. Rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly before refilling
o Clean your bird bath regularly and keep fresh water available.
If you see an ill bird or find a dead bird in the yard:
o Clean and sanitize all feeders, poles, and bird baths. Maintain frequent cleanings of feeders and water sources.
o Replace wooden feeders with ones made of plastic or recycled materials. Wood is very difficult to sanitize.
o Temporarily remove tray or platform style feeders where the food has the potential to come into contact with bird droppings.
And remember, after cleaning and handling your feeders wash your hands with soap and water.
Following these steps will help ensure that you are providing a healthy habitat for your feathered friends.