Nesting Fun Facts

Wren HouseWhat's more fun than fun facts about nesting birds?

  • Q. Which birds lays the largest known clutch of eggs?
  • A. Northern Bobwhite quail have been known to lay 28 eggs in a single nest.
  • Q. Which birds raises the most broods of young in a single year?
  • A. A Mourning Dove can have up to six broods per year.
  • Q. Which bird has the shortest incubation time before their eggs hatch?
  • A. The eggs of several song birds, such as the Black-capped Chickadees, take only 11 days to hatch after being laid.
  • Q. Which bird has the longest incubation period in North America?
  • A. The California Condor incubates its eggs for up to 50 days before they hatch.
  • Q. Which is the oldest known bird to successfully raise young?
  • A. A Laysan Albatross has successfully nested on Midway Island for the past 69 years.