Tidy Feeding Solutions

It’s easy to keep feeding areas tidy all year round. Most birds will sweep through the seed at a feeder seeking just the right one to eat. Different birds may favor one seed in a blend and are not as found of others. Rather than letting the seeds land on the ground, consider a tray to catch the seed.  The tray will not only catch the seed, but also, can reduce the amount of rodents that may be attracted to the debris below. A tray offers birds more room at the table, especially birds who prefer to eat on flat surfaces. Sunflower chips, suet, peanuts pieces, and mealworms are excellent choices to keep birds healthy without having seeds or shells left behind. 

A no-mess seed blend is a seed blend that is completely shelled. When birds are finished enjoying it, there are no hulls beneath the feeders. There is also less chance of germination without the protective hull. 

Using mulch underneath your feeders can help to keep the areas neat. When it's time to clean under your feeder, you can remove the mulch and replace it with fresh mulch, simply turn it over or use a liquid seed digester to dissolve the remnants. Create a border with stones, logs and other decorative items to contain the area if you choose.

Specialty feeders such as suet and shelled peanut feeders attract specific birds and keep the feeding area clean. A clean feeding station is not only nice to look at; it’s an important part of responsible bird feeding. Use tray feeders and offer no mess feeding options that do not leave seed debris.  You'll appreciate it... and so will your backyard birds.

(Kathy, and her husband, John, own the local Wild Birds Unlimited store specializing in backyard birdfeeding supplies located in Billings and at www.wbu.com/billings.)